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 The storage  "O-Logistics".

The  logistics complex of  responsible storage "O-Logistic" existing since 2014.

Great experience in sphera of solving  variety of logistic problems was accumulated during that period. A  team of experienced professionals was formed. A major logistic base was created. Due to that  a modern Logistics facility has been established.

Nowadays  competition forced companies to increase  efficiency of doing business.  Turnover growth of the company ,  increasing product range and  customers expectations makes  clear  that the logistics, as non-core activities, takes too much time and efforts . However,  the result does not always meet the expectations. A self-service warehouse requires professional knowledge, work experience, specialized warehouse equipment and specialized software and IT solutions. Therefore, a large number of companies decide to use services of 3PL operators, specializing in the services of responsible storage of goods, their handling, provision of transport services.

"O-Logistics" storage offers  a full range of logistic services for  safekeeping, handling and order picking, transport logistics at our own warehouse complex class "A", a  team of professionals, modern technical and IT solutions.

Safekeeping we have is  high quality and high speed of execution of warehouse operations, safety of goods, precise accounting of incoming and shipped goods, simplicity and transparency of placement and search products, fast and accurate picking.

The combination of the  technical equipment and  ways of working let us work with every Client individually  in various kinds of  commodities and volume of the stored goods.

Working with us is Your competitive advantage of our warehouse!

Description warehouse complex:

- Class "A".
- 3,5 km from MCAR.
- The territory of the complex is 0,985 ha.
- A modern single-storey warehouse building constructed with using non-combustible materials.
- 5 400 sqm of warehouse space.
- Tallrack storage in 7 tiers, 7 500 pallets.
- Ceiling height of 12 m.
- Concrete floor.
- Load on 1 sq. m. floor 5 t.
- 5 automatic gates are equipped with dock shelters and levelers.
- 1 gate with ramp for light-duty transport and ramp loading technology.
- Automated warehouse management system "1C: WMS logistics. Warehouse management".
- Fire alarm system and automatic fire.
- Fenced illuminated area, round the clock security.
- Alarm system and video surveillance.
- Internet, fiber optics, a telephone line.