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Do you need a new stock? We offer safekeeping of your goods. Large capacity of the warehouse complex solves the problem of searching for new warehouses as  growing of your business.

Is timeliness, speed and service quality important for you? Automated warehouse management system, rack equipment addressable storage, professional handling equipment, qualified personnel enable us to provide services of responsible storage and handling of goods accurately and quickly, at the highest quality standards.

Do you want to be confident in the safety of your products? Fire safety systems, burglar alarms, CCTV and security guard ensures the safety of your goods. If goods are damaged (for any reason) insurance of Civil responsibility of the warehouse operator, is the guarantor reimbursement of your loss.

Our company provides a full range of logistical operations: cargo receiving, processing, and packing of orders, related operations stikeout, labeling, packaging of goods and transfer of goods to Your customer. Our warehouse is guaranteed the safety of the product and active work with him, given the characteristics of the goods and Your orders. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive in price.

We offer:

- Rack storage pallets in all sizes.
- Outdoor storage of oversized goods.
- Storage of oversized and long products (pipes, rolled products, etc.) with the use of cantilever racks.
- Manual and mechanized receipt and shipment of goods (pallets, boxes, pieces).
- Address storage.
- Cross - docking.
- Equipment, selection of orders (pallets, boxes, pieces).
- Pre-training (packaging, repackaging, stikerov, labeling, preparation of kits).
- The processing of goods according to specific customer requirements (unpacking, inspection, Assembly).
- Palletizing.
- Full inventory once a year and sample as needed.
- All kinds of operations with marriage.
- Providing full document management.

Use automated the warehouse management system "1C: WMS logistics. Warehouse management allows our clients ONLINE:

- Submit application for the parish, selection and shipment of goods.
- Submit application for delivery of goods.
- Submit application for the admission of vehicles into the territory of the warehouse complex.
- Obtain accurate and current information on the balances of goods in the warehouse in terms of storage addresses up to the pallet slots.
- Take into account the specifics of the goods by the expiry date, the parties and the series.
- Eliminate losses associated with a limited shelf life of the product.
- Promptly given the job of inventory optimization to reduce storage costs.
- To minimize the errors of the selection and order picking.
- To get information about any complaints in relation to the specific parish or shipment of the goods.
- Independently generate reports about the movement of goods for the entire period of service of responsible storage.
- To integrate warehouse WMS system with the corporate accounting system based on 1C: Enterprise 8.

Integration with CCTV installed in our warehouse complex, You can't leave the office to have not only any information issued by the WMS system, but also to carry out a visual inspection of all passing on the warehouse processes.

With us You get:

- Division of responsibility - control and control unit external warehouse logistics 3PL operator.
- Savings in time and resources - You can concentrate on core activities, and resources freed to switch to high-priority tasks.
- The transfer of operations to professionals - You are using our resources and experience, our specialty, our professional technology and know-how.